Battlefield 4: Youtube vs Bestplays - Quality Test #2

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I decided to compare youtube rendering quality.
I rendered the same clip once in 1080p and once upscaled from 1080p to 4k.
uploaded both versions to youtube and bestplays.


Youtube 1080p vs Youtube 4K

Youtube 1080p vs bestplays 1080p

Youtube 4k vs bestplays 4K

bestplays 1080p vs bestplays 4K

youtube 1080p vs source

youtube 4K vs source

bestplay 1080p vs source

bestplay 4K vs source

source vs origin
source - the recording after rendering (H.264 18MB/s)
origin - the original recording (lagarith lossless codec)

source videos:
Youtube 1080p />

youtube 4k />

bestplays 1080p

bestplays 4k

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